The service terms for the specific services listed in this section are incorporated into the quotation provided to customers. UL Japan Inc. Services Agreement (including, Master Ordering Agreement and Master Adhesive Terms And Conditions), service terms and conditions for the specific services, and the quotation together constitute the entire agreement governing the delivery of requested services by UL Japan, Inc. and/or its affiliated companies (the “UL Contracting Parties”)

ここに掲げる本サービス条件はお客様に提示する見積書と一体となるものとします。株式会社UL Japanサービス基本契約(業務委託基本契約、業務委託基本約款を含む)、特定されたサービスのサービス条件及びその見積書は、お申込みいただいたサービスを株式会社UL Japan及び/又はその関連会社(「UL契約当事者」)が提供するための完全な合意を構成するものとします。

【Terms Name】

Advisory Services
Agency Services
Biocompatibility Testing Service Terms
Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Laboratory Recognition Scheme (LRS) and Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS)
CB Scheme Services
Commercial Inspection and Testing Services (CITS)
Cybersecurity Advisory Services
Cybersecurity Testing & Certification Service
DENAN Services (PSE)
Energy Efficiency Certification Services
Japan S Mark Services
Marketing Claims Verification Services
Product Investigation Services
Radio and Telecommunications Certification Body Services
SHOAN Services (PSC)
Training and Seminar Services
UL Environmental Global Testing and Certification Services
UL-JP Mark Testing and Certification Services
Verification Services
WiSE Services