〇:Application Forms

Technical Conditions Compliance Certification

Judgment of necessity


1. Application form for Technical standards conformity approval (Appendix 1&2)

Appendix 1

2. Equipment specification

3. Applied equipment
*Not required if there is no request for test.

4. Test report etc.

5. External view or picture

6. Parts layout

7.Schematic diagram

8.Block diagram

9.Operation manual

10. Confirmation sheet for identify of mass-product
* Attachment forms under Appendix 16, if applicable.

  • Method of Confirmation Document by Attached

* Table No. 2 (Form1)

  • Quality Control System (Form2)

Appendix 16

Form 1

Form 2


Other application form


Request for re-issue of CERTIFICATE for Technical Conditions Compliance Certification/Technical Conditions Design Certification

Appendix 15