Addressing IoT security through ratings

As new smart features and connectivity are added to products, the private and public sectors are paying closer attention to how devices are secured and how IoT security vulnerabilities are addressed. This makes it more important for manufacturers and developers to show they’ve taken precautions to secure and protect their connected products, systems or devices.

Determining security assurance levels for your IoT products
In addition to providing a gateway into target networks, insecure IoT devices can grant access to a wealth of personal data. This calls for a need to consider critical security aspects of connected products against common attack strategies and known IoT vulnerabilities to create a “security baseline.”

But what are the product and risk considerations involved? And how are you able to articulate the “reasonable security features” you need to comply with regarding new IoT cybersecurity regulations like California and Oregon cybersecurity bills? This whitepaper helps you to navigate both your product security and compliance considerations, while exploring how to position your cyberposture as a competitive differentiator in the marketplace.