In Japan, you have to acquire a license from the Minister of MIC through a licensing procedure, in order to open a radio station. However, for a specific radio equipment used for small-scale radio station stipulated in the MIC ministerial decree, a “Registered Certification Body” can certify that the equipment is complied with a technical specification of the Radio Law, therefore you can omit un-license or generic license procedure, or inspection after the completion of construction of a radio station, etc. For this reason, this is an easy licensing procedure.

Certification method regarding Technical Regulations Conformity Certification

There are two kinds of certification procedures, one is certification of conformity with technical regulations (Test Certification) and the other is certification for construction design of specified radio equipment (Type Certification)

Test Certification means to certify radio equipment by testing one-by-one, and the certificate is effective only for each. This is suitable for small-lot production.

Type Certification means to certify radio equipment by testing a sample unit among the units with the same design and the same manufacturing procedures, that is, type testing. This is suitable for mass-production.