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Energy & Power Technologies用

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CCN 製品カテゴリー名
QUYX (UL 61010)
Programmable Controllers/
Process Control Equipment, Electrical
IEC/EN 61010評価 IEC/EN 61010 Evaluation
NMMS Power Conversion Equipment/Drives
NKCR Auxiliary Devices
NMTR Power Circuit and Motor Mounted Apparatus
NRKH Proximity Switches
FSPC, FSCO Energy And Industrial Systems Certified For Functional Safety/
Functional Safety Certificates Only
CEマーキング –
CE Marking – Machinery Directive
XCFR2 (新規申請) Terminal Blocks – Component (New Application)
XCFR2 (変更申請) Terminal Blocks – Component (Alternate Construction)
IEC 60947-7-1評価 Terminal Blocks – IEC 60947-7-1 Evaluation
RFWV Electrical Quick-connect Terminals
ECBT2 (新規申請) Connectors for Use in Data, Signal, Control & Power Applications (New Application)
ECBT2 (変更申請) Connectors for Use in Data, Signal, Control & Power Applications (Alternate Construction)
XGPU2 Thermistor
IZLT Fuseholders, Cartridges Fuse
XPTQ, XQNX Transformer, General Purpose/
Power and General Purpose Transformers, Dry Type
EPBU Direct-Plug-In And Cord-Connected Class 2 Power Units
QQQX2 Electrically Isolated Semiconductor Devices – Component
QIGU, QIIA2 Photovoltaic Modules And Panels/
Photovoltaic Modules and Panels with System Voltage Ratings Over 600V – Component
QIJB2 Junction Boxes for Use In Photovoltaic Modules and Panels – Component
QIJQ Connectors for Use In Photovoltaic Systems
QIKH Static Inverters, Converters And Accessories For Use In Independent Power Systems
PV (Photovoltaics)
– IEC規格評価
Photovoltaics – IEC 61730, IEC 61215, IEC 61646 Evaluation
YEDU Uninterruptible Power Supply Equipment
BBML Battery Chargers – Nonautomotive type
BBCV2 Lithium Batteries – Component
BBFX, BBCA Batteries For Use In Light Electric Rail And Stationary Applications/
Batteries For Use In Light Electric Vehicles
BBAS Batteries For Use In Electric Vehicles
BBBG2 Capacitors, Electrochemical – Component
防爆評価 Hazardous Locations
YIOZ, YSYI Electrically Operated Valves
FQGS2, XORU2 Transformers and Motor Transformers – Component/
Transformers, Construction Only – Component
CYJV Cable Assemblies and Fittings
AACD Thermal Runaway Fire Propagation Test – UL9540A



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CCN 製品カテゴリー名 入力フォーム
SLIS, SLLX Motor Compressor /
Motor Part
LZFE Heating and Cooling Equipment  
SROT Specialty Refrigeration Equipment  
Motors /
Incomplete Motors and Motor Parts /
Servo and Stepper Motors /
Impedance-protected Motors /
Thermal-device-protected Motors /
Electronically-protected Motors /
Dual Scheme Thermally-protected Motors

 WOYR, WKKY Special Use Switches/
Switches, Appliance – Component
 (IEC 62133) Portable sealed secondary cells and batteries  



High Tech用

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